You’re standing at a bus stop at 5 in the afternoon. The bus is running late, it’s raining hard and there are too many people in the shelter. You sigh loudly as you wipe your hair out of your face and stare down the street, watching other buses pass by. Gradually you notice that the rain isn’t falling on you anymore. You look up and see a large black umbrella above you. You look at your side and see a tall, thin, incredibly handsome man holding the umbrella over both of you. “Sorry,” the man apologizes in a smooth English accent. “I saw you standing here and thought I’d… well… I thought I can help you.” He smiles at you. You thank him and smile back, trying not to stare at him. Then he asks: “Can I make the road with you?” You accept. And you do all the end of the day together.— Story by cant-deal-with-hiddles.

I want to meet him like this

Brb stabbing my eyes, my heart, and my gut repeatedly


lokiwholockfactory…you killed me

Why? Why?